Japan Senior Living Investment Corporation

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About JSL


Realizing a society with healthy longevity,
while maximizing unitholder value

Katsue Okuda
Executive Director
On behalf of Japan Senior Living Investment Corporation ("JSL"), I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our unitholders for their continued support and understanding.

With the help of its unitholders and all other stakeholders, JSL was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s real estate investment trust market on July 29, 2015.

As Japan has the longest average lifespan in the world for both males and females and a super-aging society unseen in any other country, we consider the focus on quality of life to be greater than ever. The priority in a super-aging society is not merely long life but long-term health, which makes realizing healthy longevity an urgent issue.

Our investment thesis in asset management is to promote the development of high-quality healthcare facilities by selecting and investing in healthcare facilities, which are instrumental to realizing healthy longevity, and do our utmost to bring about a healthy society of long life by appropriately operating healthcare facilities, building partnerships with operators that provide excellent service and supporting those activities.

In response to the trust and expectations of our unitholders, we intend to follow a growth strategy that makes the very best use of our healthcare facility management know-how as well as opportunities for external growth arising from the diverse pipeline of our asset manager’s network and the support of each of our sponsors.

We respectfully ask for your continued support.