Japan Senior Living Investment Corporation

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Characteristics & Strategy

External Growth Strategy

Discerning Operator Selection

We aim to not only invest in facilities run by leading operators at the top of the industry but also, in certain regions, make select investment in facilities run by mid-level operators with top-class track records in the region and firm business foundations.
Moreover, in some cases we will use the discernment of our asset manager to make select investment, based on the ORE strategy, in facilities run by operators with healthy assets, transparent operations and growth forecasts even if earning capability is currently low, not merely operators that are listed companies or subsidiaries of major companies with firm financial structures and established reputations.

Growth Strategy in Partnership with Operators (ORE Strategy)

ORE strategy refers to strategy to provide solutions to management of Operator Real Estate with regard to effective use, opening new facilities, etc. so that healthcare facility operators can grow sustainably.
We aim to provide a variety of solutions to operators including helping operators procure funding and streamline their balance sheets, offering facility sale-and-leaseback opportunities based on asset ownership capacity and, regarding developing new facilities, providing development solutions that make use of the knowledge and expertise of our asset manager as well as its development functions.

Sale-and-Leaseback Deals
6 facilities, ¥14.9 billion
  • Activa Biwa
    (residential buildings)
  • Joy Stage Hachioji
  • Ten
  • Yuimaru Hijirigaoka
  • Sawayaka
    Sakura Nibankan
  • Excellent
New Development Deals
4 facilities, ¥5.7 billion
  • Activa Biwa
    (care center buildings)
  • Alpha Eniwa Sta.
    Nishiguchi Sai-
    kaihatsu Building
  • Gran Hills
  • Sompo Care
    LAVIERE Kobe Tarumi

Growth Strategy Aligned with National Policy and Needs of Society

Senior Living Facilities

Our goal is to both grow and contribute to society through investment that addresses social needs such as healthy longevity, Japanese version of CCRC, regional revitalization, local and inter-generational exchange, public housing revitalization, compact cities, etc.

Activa Biwa Joy Stage Hachioji Yuimaru Hijirigaoka Ten Alpha Eniwa Sta.
Saikaihatsu Building

Reference: About Japanese version of CCRCs
A CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) is a place that elderly can move into while they are still healthy and receive continuous care and lifestyle support services as they begin to require care and medical attention. There are approximately 2,000 CCRCs in the U.S. and these fulfill a specific role in society.
In the Japanese version of CCRC, operators provide residential and communal spaces and residents receive lifestyle support and support in forming communities. Furthermore, regional partnerships such as ties with administrations and universities enable lifelong learning, participation in local society and opportunities for intergenerational interaction, and ties with care and medical institutions facilitate healthy living and care/medical services.
Medical Facilities
Earthquake Resistance of Hospitals
(as of September 1, 2014)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Survey on the Status of Renovation of Earthquake-Resistant Hospital Structures (March 31, 2015)

Within the Headquarters for Japan’s Economic Revitalization, the Industrial Competitiveness Council’s Medical/Care Subcommittee publicized “Industrial Competitiveness: Medical/Care Subcommittee’s Interim Report” which identifies a need for efforts to expand healthcare REITs capable of targeting hospitals. The government has also laid out strategic measures to boost supply of healthcare facilities such as senior living facilities and medical facilities and solicited public comments aimed at formulating guidelines for healthcare REITs targeting hospitals, etc. Therefore, we see the medical facility-related market as likely to grow in the medium to long term and plan to consider making hospitals a core investment in accordance with laws, regulations and guidelines.