Japan Senior Living Investment Corporation

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Characteristics & Strategy

Financial Strategy

Basic Policy

We will build a firm, healthy financial foundation on which earnings can be maintained and improved over the medium to long term.

Debt Financing Whether through debt financing or issuance of investment corporation bonds, we will procure capital in a manner that balances flexibility and stability.
Equity Financing We will issue new investment units at indeterminate intervals in order to increase asset value and scale while taking into consideration the dilution of rights of existing unitholders and the accompanying reduction of unit price as well as when to acquire new real estate-related assets.
LTV Level Setting maximum LTV at 65%, we will control leverage in a flexible and precise manner that focuses on preserving a margin of capital.

Effective Use of Retained Earnings

We will make effective use of retained earnings approximate to depreciation costs through the following measures.

  1. 1

    Improve portfolio earning capability by allocating a portion to funds for new acquisitions

  2. 2

    Improve facility competitiveness by allocating a portion to improvement and capital expenditure

  3. 3

    Reduce interest rate costs by allocating a portion to repayment of loans

  4. 4

    Ensure consistent distribution through distribution in excess of earnings